Global HR firm automates pitches

A recruitment company uses Rulestar technology to automate 3,000+ proposals in the Asia-Pacific region per year.


About the Enterprise

A large recruitment company with world-wide operations produces 3,000+ proposals annually in the Asia-Pacific region alone. With management for the region headquartered in Australia, they approached Rulestar to explore automation, seeking to increase efficiency and ensure consistent quality of content across all offices.

This is an indicative case study that illustrates what can be achieved by using Rulestar for automation.

The Challenge

With offices in 19 countries across the Asia-Pacific region alone, this recruitment firm faced immense challenges ensuring that all branches were using the latest approved content for their proposals. Individual team members across locations were storing their own templates locally, which made it impossible for management to control updates and maintain quality.

Before utilizing Rulestar for automation, producing proposals involved an enormous amount of manual editing. Individual recruiters were creating proposals by copying and pasting elements such as consultant profiles from previous proposals or outdated templates and many proposals were being submitted with the wrong legal terms and conditions or incorrect pricing information

The Solution

The solution involved centralizing the production of proposals for all offices in the Asia-Pacific region through an online tool, built and maintained by their Australian management team using the Rulestar platform. With all sets of legal terms and conditions, consultant profiles and pricing tables being stored in a single template, they were able to gain total control over the content of all proposals. Their Bids & Tenders team built a smart online form themselves – without needing to work with any software developers – including a number of checks and balances to remove the risk of human error to the extent possible.

The Result

By utilizing Rulestar’s no-code automation platform, this recruitment company can ensure that every proposal is produced with the latest approved content and without errors. Their team of Senior Bid Managers in Australia now has complete control over the proposal content of all 19 of their Asia-Pacific branches. They can now regularly update their legal terms and conditions, consultant profiles and pricing tables and ensure that every branch is using the most up-to-date versions at all times.

The time taken to produce, review and approve proposals has been slashed by more than 50%, with management enjoying not only the reduced risk exposure but also increased efficiencies and associated cost savings. Management also now has full visibility into all proposal activity through the central database of submissions in their online proposal tool.

If you can think it, you can build it with Rulestar.

Logic should never be a limitation. With Rulestar, you can capture all of the knowledge and reasoning of subject-matter experts into an automated system.

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