Stop wasting time on basic matter details

Say goodbye to copying and pasting client information from meeting notes and emails. Rulestar’s unique Matter Intake Forms system will free you from entering basic matter information, enabling you to focus on the important decisions.


A better way to collect client information

A Matter Intake Form is a sub-set of questions from your main smart form containing only the questions that your client can easily answer themselves. You can choose which questions to include – typically, this will be basic details like names, addresses, prices, etc.

The answers that your client provides are passed directly into the main form, so that you can answer the remaining technical questions to complete the process automatically.

How it works:

  1. Give your client access

The first step is to give your client access to the Matter Intake Form. You can invite them by email or embed the Matter Intake Form in your website.

  1. Client answers the questions

Your client follows the streamlined questionnaire, providing the basic matter information. Your smart form logic will still apply, but the client will only see the questions you want them to see.

  1. You get notified

When your client submits the Intake Form, you’ll receive a notification.

  1. You complete the process

The basic details provided by your client will automatically appear in the full smart form for you. You can then take over, answer the technical questions and complete the process.

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